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MISSION: To develop a powerful voting forum for the re-establishment of constitutional representative democracy to our United States, starting with independent voters; while developing and expressing a new social consciousness for the unification of peoples and the revival of WHOLESOME COMMUNITY.


PAGES [not yet hyperlinked]:


  1. NATIONAL PAGE for the Federal Electorate
  2. STATE PAGES for the State Electorates
  3. COUNTY PAGES for the County Electorates
  4. CITY PAGES for the City Electorates


PAGE CONTENTS [generic outline for each page]:


  1. VOTER REGISTRATION: Register all voters for the maximization of democratic influence--


  1. VOTER EDUCATION: Educate all voters in as succinct and as non-partisan a fashion as possible.
    1. National Voter Education for the Federal electorate
    2. State specific Voter Education
    3. County specific Voter Education
    4. City specific Voter Education


  1. POLITICAL OPINION: Recruiting of thoughtful, informed, and civically aware citizens to submit opinion pieces on regional issues for publication on web-site forum. Through this forum, partisan opinions will be given outlet in the understanding that partisan perspectives do also hold educational value—
    1. National specific Political Opinion
    2. State specific Political Opinion
    3. County specific Political Opinion
    4. City specific Political Opinion


  1. POPULIST ACTION FORUM: Populist action groups of all kinds will be given an arena for presentation of issues and recruiting political action enlistees. These actions will not be directly performed by Citizens Activated, but will only receive a general forum per Citizens Activated's mission of revitilizing democratic participation generally—
    1. National Specific Populist Action on National Page
    2. State Specific Populist Action on State Pages
    3. County Specific Populist Action on County Pages
    4. City Specific Populist Action on City Pages


  1. VOTER MOBILIZATION: A tool which matches individual voter interests to regionally specific issues and candidates. All regionally specific issues will be identified, and candidates will be given an opportunity to construct an Issues Profile. Voters will then choose their candidates based on how his or her Issues Profile matches up with said individual voters’ self-identified interests—
    1. National Voter Mobilization Tool
    2. State Voter Mobilization Tool
    3. County Voter Mobilization Tool
    4. City Voter Mobilization Tool
  1. COMMUNITY LIFE FORUMS: Creation of various community forums from which all manner of Community Life Activities can be launched. Through this richer engagement of peoples beyond the perspective of politics, greater natural and wholesome Unity will be fostered in our community---


    1. Internet Seated: Internet based Discussion Forums for the connection of peoples—

i.                   Post

ii.                  Chat

iii.               Video


    1. Villages Forums: Citizens Activated will serve as a unifying catalyst in its given community for all community entities (in fulfillment of the Social aspect of triune human nature)--


i.                   Organizational Village: All community serving nonprofits will come together and harmonize their respective work in order to serve as a unified force in the interest of minimizing redundancy and maximizing diversity.

ii.                  Social Village: Individuals in the community will find a place herein to plug into these community networks, whether to receive support or to contribute their human talents.


    1.  Creative Circle: The general point here is to develop a community of mutual appreciation of the creative potential of its members, whether on the level of the hobbyist or the scholar, in fulfillment of the Creative Expressive aspect of our triune conception of human nature.


    1. Event Gatherings: Face to face Community Event Gatherings for the fulfillment of the social needs of peoples (or the Joy of Life aspect of triune human nature)—


i.                   International or Community Potlucks

ii.                 Celebration of Artists and other Creative Community Members

iii.               All other events in expression of the Joy of Life