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The Socratic Trucker:

An American Memoir and A Call To Revolution--


Book Description: An otherwise intellectual man assumes the persona of a big-rig trucker in order to travel throughout the US and converse with his fellow Americans in the spirit of Plato’sDialogues. Through his Walden-like project, he brings to his society new conceptual treasures out of his deeply practical approach to philosophy, and in the process, discovers his voice as a modern-day, populist messenger...


The engine brakes roared as the eighteen-wheeled machine fought against the relentless pull of gravity, doggedly claiming its 72,000 lbs on a narrow and winding highway, somewhere above the Pacific North West and heading down, down into a city which moments before looked like a speck but now appears as a sea of light, from a mountain hidden in the dark, otherwise towering silently in the void of night. Had I liberty to reflect in my usual manner, I would surely wonder how an intellectual got here, but I would immediately recall that before all else I am a spiritual being for whom life entails twists which may even at times appear violent. 

The spirit of philosophy finding expression within the condition of the ordinary trucker testifies to the truth that our world is yet in its infant stage with regard to human potential; that all persons are no less than diamonds in the surrounding rough of our still primitive social environment. Indeed the next great work of American literature coming from such a laboror is itself a result of such special anomalies in the human experience. Yet Great voices not afraid of such paradoxes have long appealed to the human conscience in an attempt to awaken us to our potential, men bridging the ages from Socrates to Henry David Thoreau. Herein therefore follows yet another such voice—the voice of the Socratic Trucker’s—reminding us once more of our hitherto unexercised potential, and calling us, again, to a new awakening…


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