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New American Spring is the pure form of America’s newest grass-root uprising, triggered by the great global recession of 2008. While this consciousness is presently amorphous and as yet undeveloped, New American Spring is crystallizing as its future. As a grass-roots awakening, this movement recognizes the central and paramount cause of our present national and even global state of social and economic injustice in the passivity of our citizenry. For when the gardener fails to tend the garden, many weeds grow up to choke out life. New American Spring therefore seeks to create a forum wherein our citizens might attain a state of perpetual activation, hence the name of its adult arm: Citizens Activated. But there is likewise a youth arm.


The youth arm of New American Spring is called Youth Invigorated, and it is created in recognition of the truth that only through forming our youth to become properly activated citizens can we permanently change our world for the better. For while our adult population might be effectively mobilized only through tapping the energy of stark outrage in the face of obvious injustices (such as illustrated in our 2008 recession), our youth in virtue of their innate malleability have the more potential for permanent formation into the active citizens necessary to effect a more just world.


Three non-profit organizations will arise out of this unique movement. New American Spring will itself become a supporting foundation slated with recruiting and dispersing start-up funding for Citizens Activated and Youth Invigorated, its two philosophical arms which will themselves become and adult civic formations network of associations (citizensactivated.org), and a youth heroic formation organization (youthinvigorated.org). Altogether, this grass-roots, populist approach calls first the American Citizen, then eventually the Global Citizen, to healthy character formations in accordance with a three-pronged interpretation of human personality. This sublimely simple interpretation states that the properly formed human character involves three equally important aspects: Creative Expression, Social Responsibility, and the Joy of Life.


Citizens Activated is avowedly non-partisan. We will not attempt to steer voters into any ideological direction politically. If we have an ideology, it is that of constitutional representative democracy given us by our Forefathers—although in mobilizing our adult citizenry we recognize the growth of economic inequality in a supposedly enlightened populist nation as the main and most evident symptom of our representative democracy’s dysfunction. We seek to return the proper voting power to our American Citizenry through the creation of a forum, both on the internet and in the community, wherein our citizens might converge for non-biased education and wholesome dialogue regarding the pertinent issues of politics—locally and nationally. In educating then activating our citizenry for the effective utilization of their voting say, we believe that the equalizing influence of healthy democracy will undo all injustices presently plaguing our people—whether social or economic. Citizans Activated, finally, will be specifically a movement of none-centralized associations per every United States municipality, in order to avoid the corrupting influence of centralization which enables the infultration of anti-populus forces, sadly endemic in political parties and political candidates.


Citizens Activated will seek primarily to engage Independent American Voters (or the reasonable majority) as its first allies in launching its forum; for its essential political reasoning is that of open-mindedness. The American people should no longer give their blind or even slightly biased alliance to any political ideology connected to any entrenched political party. For in so doing, they pollute their true democratic purity with the complacent forms of usury and injustices resident in such parties. Indeed, for this very reason, all branches of Citizen's Activated will be but affiliates of the overall movement, with no central national leadership. We must constantly keep our politicians on their toes and beholden to us as the true servants they are, so that forces alien to the true interests of the people cannot take corrupting foothold in our candidates.


Our youth, in contrast, are targeted for leadership formations in accordance with our three-pronged inspiration, and utilizing Robert K. Greenleaf's Servant Leadership approach within our underlying developmental culture...



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