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VISION: A movement recognizing that there is a profound American awakening presently underway (our original species of the larger Global awakening of peoples), sparked by the Great Global Recession of 2008 and the growiong self-awarenes of the individual through informational development and global connectivity. Underlying this new consciousness is a heightening sensitivity to Social and Economic and political injustice. Hence a new and truly grass-roots revolution is in its early stages—that for a brighter new world!


This page is created as the PORTAL for our American mobilization…

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My Fellow Americans:


I would like to welcome you to the webpage of the newest and greatest revival of American community and democracy, destined to sweep our great nation and resurrect all that is special about America. Our New American Spring movement is created to remedy some of the most threatening elements to America’s health and wellbeing:




If you are able and willing to become one of our original warriors, you are encouraged to get involved


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